Properly stored, cannabis can remain fresh and potent for more than two full years without any noticeable quality loss!

If you follow these steps you will ensure the highest quality of your flowers.


Keep it cool. Fungus and mold thrive in warm conditions and heat hastens the erosion of your cannabis.

Always store cannabis in an area that stays COOL, DARK, AND DRY.

Light is the enemy.

Exposure to UV light destroys delicate terpenes and cannabinoids and

can rapidly reduce the quality of your cannabis.


Humidity control is key. High humidity can lead to mildew problems and ruin your stored cannabis. If the humidity is too low, brittle terpenes dry out leading to poor flavor, decreased potency and a harsher smoke. It’s best to store 

your cannabis at the relative humidity (RH) range of 59%-63% RH.

You can purchase humidity packs to ensure your stored cannabis remains within the proper range.


Welcome to My First Blog!

AWAKEN AT ONCE. I hope all humans are awakening and our collective consciousness is creating the positive future most of us desire. I haven't bought into the lies of government, corporate America, Wall Street, bankers, lawyers, or even Doctors that are in agreement to gain and remain in control for profit, pulling out all the stops to make us believe that we're dependent upon them for our health and our survival, leaving us dependent on a broken system and pharmaceuticals.

It is long delayed that we take OUR POWER BACK, taking accountability when we see injustices in the world, and doing our part to change the world. I don't know if you are familiar with the life of Aaron Swartz? If you get a chance to watch the documentary of his journey, I would highly recommend that you take the time to be inspired by his message.

Aaron was a brilliant programmer and political activist who believed in freedom of speech and took simple actions steps that resulted in a profound impact on how we share (free) information on the world wide web. Every college paper ever written by students is not property of the student, once the paper is turned it it is owned by a multi-billion dollar corporation that charges others to gain access to these college reports. Aaron's courage allowed him to be a vessel for something greater than himself, he gained access to these files, and uploaded them online for everyone to have access to. He was arrested, threatened, harassed, and eventually the media reported that he committed suicide due to stress and pressure. I am very skeptical of this story, as I do not believe that Aaron took his own life, yet I will never know the truth. I cannot begin to fathom what more he would have accomplished if his life had if his life was not sadly cut short. I can see how his spirit lives on through others that he has inspired by his work and I personally feel encouraged to make a positive difference in the world. I ask myself, what am I passionate about changing? What injustices am I willing to martyr for? Chem-trails, corrupt systems and institutions, lies and deceit that harms millions? There are a variety of causes that need a voice and a courageous soul to expose the darkness to the light. What transgression are you willing to take on and be a brave voice for?

Aaron's Swartz's favorite question he frequently asked himself and others:

"What is the most important thing in the world I can work on right now? Am I doing it? WHY NOT?


Dearest Aaron, May Your Soul Rest In Peace and May the Angels Surround You With Love. God Bless You, Son

Aaron's Top 10 Rules for Success

  1. Always Be Questioning
  2. Confront Your Idea With Real People
  3. Be Excited About It
  4. The Internet Provides Opportunities
  5. Be Careful When You Change Something
  6. Everything Is Built On Something Else
  7. Learn from Books
  8. Fight for What You #Believe In
  9. Try To Make The World A Better Place
  10. Believe That You Can Accomplish Something(ANYTHING)