My Vision

My goal is to provide consumers with the purest marijuana experience. I want everyone to have access to this natural herb in a safe environment, delivered to your home.

I pride myself on the quality of our merchandise and the ingredients we use. Love, Positive Intent, and ALOT of Research is put into making our products. My hope is that you find as much value and benefits in our creations as we do.

My Story

My passion with Cannabis started at a young age. I have always been around Cannabis and it's had it's place in my life for 20+years. I started growing Cannabis awhile ago and fell in love with the process. I had access to so much of the plant I started to create medicines with it, I started infusing EVERYTHING! I now have a line of 0ver 50 handcrafted products and the list keeps growing. I can make custom merchandise for my customers, all you need to do is ask.


Billie Chamberlain

Founder & CEO



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